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Innovation is not merely a matter of implementing the latest technology or adopting trends. To be successful, organizations must have the capability to shift by understanding their opportunities for growth.  Every significant business, small to enterprise needs software, but they don’t necessarily have to build it or pay lots of money to have it. Many companies now consider turning over their entire software and computing complex to Muyal. Why? We preserve vital proprietary or trade-secret information for your organization. When we negotiate outsourcing contracts, instead of using crude indicators, such as headcount, our agreements deal with function points as the arrangement basis so that you get software that solves a real business problem.

We started Muyal to enable small to medium organizations to embrace disruptive technologies, such as public cloud, machine learning, and blockchain, by providing talented engineers to create solutions for their businesses.  On the whole, outsourcing seems to reduce expenses, make them more predictable, and work with you to define precise requirements. Here at Muyal, we commit to maintaining the current portfolio of all the function points we create or commit to, and agree to provide new and enhanced capabilities at rates also expressed in terms of function points for software maintenance.

How do we work?

We partner with our customers to build the most appropriate strategy for modernization and IT Transformation to the public cloud: AWS, Azure, GCP, and companies like DigitalOcean.   

In the beginning, we offer our advisory services team members to collaborate with business stakeholders to ensure technology is an enabler. We craft strategies so that the best of breed technologies are leveraged, including disruptive technologies, to avoid any disruption to your current business.  If everything looks good on paper, we bring in the engineering resources to help you achieve your transformation.  We are using engineering powers from California, Brazil, and Japan as our goal is to reduce your software costs significantly. If you need to use software to make things easier, we provide an affordable way to get your ideas to your customers.  

We understand that most companies feel a strong need to do something to lower software costs, and we want to work with you to decide your future roadmap. Reach out to us for a free consultation.

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